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Currently:Revamping One I Want & releasing a lot of new themes soon!
→I've deleted some previews for older themes and made some static
→New theme for the blog! Feedback is much appreciated(:

Payns Themes


midnight redux thang

upload: bottom left bg, favicon, etc

optional: stretched bg, faded posts, title, cute scrollbar

change: colour of borders, posts/sidebar, scrollbar, footer box, navi tab


like if using/thinking about it x


theme 02: ocean breeze

code | previews: (1) (2) (3)


  • 5 custom links
  • circle or square links
  • left or right sidebar
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • webkit scrollbar 
  • optional favicon
  • cute cursor
  • cool audio posts!!
  • adjustable opacity
  • optional floaties
  • customizable credit image
  • reblog button

feel free to edit/customize as much as you want, but please leave the credit intact!!

please like/reblog if you use


theme 11

  • top sidebar (no sidebar image)
  • 6 custom links
  • 500px posts
  • background image/color
  • optional title

code // preview

like/reblog if using!!


is there any way of seeing a preview of the avengers theme????

I’ve made a static preview! You can now view it here(:


Aesthetic Theme (yeah it’s come to that)

Live Preview / Code


  • Gradient or normal (??) background color
  • Text and link colors
  • Background image
  • Search bar
  • Toggle captions on or off


16. break free

  • dropdown menu
  • optional curved corners
  • optional transparency
  • optional box shadow
  • 250px posts
  • no sidebar img or title

preview | code

reblog / like if you’ll use or are using!


Theme Blog Theme by Roxie

Live preview | Pastebin | FreeTextHost

How to use (please check before asking)



  • 3 columns (width adjusts by your screen size)
  • Theme preview column
  • Hover Effection
  • Center bar
  • 5 customized links


  • Please like or reblog if you’re using
  • Do not use as a base
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not remove the credit

If you have any problem please message me

hey the live preview for the theme The Avengers doesnt work?:/

It’s no longer available. I had to delete some of the live previews as I had to many that it shut down my side account. I’ve turned most of them into static previews


Theme 40: Eleanor         Live Preview | Code

**Please like or reblog this post if you like/use the theme so I know if people like it or not. & if there’s anything wrong with the theme, please message me hereDO NOT steal, take credit for/take it off (except the one in the links), or redistribute as your own. It took a while to make this so please follow the rules. Thanks! xx

  • One column
  • Like & Reblog straight from the blog/page
  • 5 Links + Credit
  • Keep description one line
  • Sidebar image 350 x 600 (or else it’ll stretch)
  • Optional small, black cursor
  • Optional background image
  • Option to disable right click
  • White dash/follow buttons
  • Customizable colours


For the Tapermonkey tracker, how do you make it track your main blog? It's tracking a sideblog and idk how to make it track my main blog

On you dash, click on the arrow that shows a drop down of all your different blogs. Make sure that your main blog is at the top. If it’s not, click and drag it to the top. If it is, drag it to a different position, then drag it back to the top. When you go back to your following page, it should now show main blog on the side(:

If it’s still not working, you can check out answered questions from this blog (the creator).


"styles theme" by meroku (click to enlarge)

this theme features 2 styles so it’s like 2 themes in 1. you can select either of them and customize to your liking. please read on for features and customizations!! (not a redux theme but kinda sorta inspired))


  • 4 post sizes, 250, 350, 400, 500
  • optional shadows with 2 different styles to have them
  • 3 different optional borders, solid, dashed and dotted
  • in style 1, background opacity
  • in style 2, the option to position your description box wherever you want it
  • lots of color customizations
  • optional background image
  • fonts to select from
  • post info border option
  • optional infinite scrolling

preview 1 / preview 2 / code

continue reading on for some quick info about customizing:

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preview + code


  • second title
  • five sidebar links
  • description, links, and second title show up on hover
  • hover perma + tags
  • no sidebar image
  • optional updates tab


  • like/reblog the post!!
  • respect my rules
  • aka no changing the credit (including removing it), and no stealing any of the coding
  • ask me if you have any questions!
  • enjoy the theme :):):)



so i thought it might be nice to have another updates tab masterpost out there

i suggest for a lot of these that u like the post as a bookmark and then go to ur likes for the tutorial cuz it’s easier to read (cuz of themes n stuff)

it’d also be dandy if u checked out my theme/resources blog B)

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Hi! I wanted to know if you know any unfollower checkers?


Yes! I am currently using Dashplus Follow Back Checker. It’s not really an unfollower checker. It’s used to see if a person follows you back. I suppose I should make a tutorial…

I am using chrome so I don’t know if any of this works with any other browser

  1. Install Tampermonkey from the Chrome Webstoreimage
  2. When it’s done, you should see a new button at the top right hand corner of your browser                                image
  3. Click the button then click on Dashboard. A new tab should open up that looks like this, but without the scriptsimage
  4. To add a script, go to the tab to the left of the one open right now (Installed Scripts) and the page should look like thisimage
  5. Now to add a script, go here & click raw from one of the tabs. A new tab will open up. Click install. It will close. Now go back to the Installed Scripts tab and check that it is there and it is enabled

You should be all set after this! Now to check if someone is following you back, go to your Following page. If it is working, you should see a check mark beside the blog. This means that they are following you back.


If it is not working, make sure that it is checking for your main blog and not a side blog. You can check this on the right hand side under the box about ignoring users


If you’re still having problems, just message me(:


Hi I'm using theme 39: Amnesia (which I absolutely love btw, it's perfect for my blog) and I was wondering if there was a way if I could add another custom link. It would help me out a lot, so if you could show me how to do that, that'd be great :) <3

Since the opacity is set at equal intervals between the links, it might look weird if you change it. I haven’t really tried it. If you would much rather, you may remove the credit in the links, as long as you keep the other credit at the bottom of the page.

But if you want to keep it and just add another link, please message me off anon & I will give you a step by step tutorial(: