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What are good themes for a network?

I have some recs here for network themes. I also have my own network themes (you can find them here).

Pohroro makes really great network themes here →

And there are some really great recs here →



Finally, a Tumblr theme that is as colorful as you are!Say hello to endless scrolling, a clean design, and infinite color combinations.

  • Grid layout
  • Endless scrolling
  • Custom background colors
  • Enlarge posts with one click

Check out Monaco and more at

How to make a gif & edit it w/o Photoshop



I’ve been getting a lot of asks about this and I’ve decided to make a tutorial. You don’t need Photoshop to do this, but you do need to download something (you don’t have to install it). 

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Ok ever since I’ve posted this, there’s been LOADS of updates so I’ve decided to let you guys in on the cool & functional new features!

You can download the latest version (4.0) here(:

Again, I will be using the ‘One Thing’ music video as an example

Once you’ve made your gif, click on Edit and a new window will open up with all of the frames. Right click and you’ll see the new available options:




You can change the size of the gif, even bigger than it already is! Just click and drag the percentage.



This adds reverse frames so you get that “yoyo” effect.



Basically a more precise way of editing it for a lack of a better word. You can change and the size of the gif to exactly how you want it. You can delete frames in between rather than manually deleting every single one. And you can also change the delay to your desired number. Keep in mind that 0.06 is the minimum delay time accepted. If you go 0.03 or under, it’ll round it to 0.1, which is basically 10 fps.




So for this one, you draw a green screen so that part of the gif is moving and part is still. **You have to start from frame one and it’ll automatically draw the green screen on the rest of the frames. If you would like to only draw a green screen on one frame, just hold shift while you’re drawing. You can also automatically fill in with green screen. First, draw a box or anything that’s enclosed (in the first image i drew a rectangle at the top). Then hold Ctrl and click on the part that you want to fill in with green. This tool is very handy when you want to reduce the gif size.


You can also change to colour of the green screen as sometimes it clashes with colours on the gif.



You can now save it into different colour formats (usually to save file size). Custom allows you to change it to the nearest colour manually.

Preview allows you to see your gif before you save it.


  • Record your gif at 16fps. I find that it’s smoother that way rather than the default 10fms
  • If possible, change your video into the highest quality for a higher quality gif


**All gifs/pics from this tutorial was made by me. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. Please like this if you use or find it helpful(:



**Please like or reblog this post if you like/use the theme so I know if people like it or not. If there’s anything wrong with it, please message me herePlease follow the rules.

Theme 41: Zayn         Live Preview | Code

  • One column
  • Like & Reblog straight from the blog/page
  • 5 Links + Credit
  • Click on “More” for the description
  • Lazy scroll
  • Triangle scroll to top button (above the credit at the bottom)
  • Optional small, black cursor
  • Optional background image
  • Option to disable right click
  • White dash/follow buttons
  • Customizable colours

Page #10: Network #3         Static Preview | Code

  • Image: 300 x 300
  • Hover for person’s name & description
  • Easy to use

Page #11: Tags Page        Static Preview | Code

  • 5 different sections
  • Click the tabs to show/hide the tags
  • Code shows where you can change the colours & other customization details

Page #12: Blogroll        Static Preview | Code

  • 4 columns
  • Shows the blog’s url & description

Page #13: About        Static Preview | Code

  • Image automatically resizes
  • You can make the text as long as you want

Page #14: FAQ        Static Preview | Code

  • You can make the text as long as you want
  • Includes a ask & submit box
  • Look for YOURURLHERE and replace it with your url (for the ask & submit to work)


Revamped: Over Again         Static Preview | Code

**Please like or reblog this post if you like/use the theme so I know if people like it or not. If there’s anything wrong with it, please message me herePlease follow the rules.

  • One column
  • Sidebar image 250 x 600
  • 3 title font choices
  • New hover effect on sidebar, links, & description
  • 5 links + credit
  • Optional small, black cursor
  • Option to disable right click
  • Optional background image
  • Scroll to top triangle
  • Customizable colours
  • Like and Reblog button so you can reblog/like right from the blog (you don’t have to go to the permalink page)
  • Lazy post load (makes it faster to load posts)

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