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Currently:Revamping Try Hard & releasing a lot of new themes soon!
→I've deleted most live previews. For static previews, go to ptstatic followed by "/[THEMETITLE]"
→New theme for the blog! Feedback is much appreciated(:

Payns Themes

Theme 19: Try Hard     Live Preview | Code

**Please like this post if you like or use the theme so i know if people like it or not. Thanks! xx


  • One column
  • 1 or 2 sidebar images (width:250px)
  • Quote bar (changable)
  • White follow/dash buttons
  • Option to disable right click
  • Optional background image
  • Changable title
  • Changable moving tab title
  • Customizable colours

**If there’s anything wrong with the theme, please message us here!

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